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The Secret Commonwealth – Philip Pullman

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رمان The Secret Commonwealth جلد دوم کتاب The Book of Dust نوشته‌ی فیلیپ پولمنه و اولین بار سال 2019 منتشر شد.

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La Belle Sauvage

خلاصه‌ی کتاب:
It is twenty years since the events of La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One unfolded and saw the baby Lyra Belacqua begin her life-changing journey.

It is seven years since readers left Lyra and the love of her young life, Will Parry, on a park bench in Oxford’s Botanic Gardens at the end of the ground-breaking, bestselling His Dark Materials sequence.
Now, in The Secret Commonwealth, we meet Lyra Silvertongue. And she is no longer a child . . .
The second volume of Sir Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust sees Lyra, now twenty years old, and her daemon Pantalaimon, forced to navigate their relationship in a way they could never have imagined, and drawn into the complex and dangerous factions of a world that they had no idea existed.
Pulled along on his own journey too is Malcolm; once a boy with a boat and a mission to save a baby from the flood, now a man with a strong sense of duty and a desire to do what is right.
Theirs is a world at once familiar and extraordinary, and they must travel far beyond the edges of Oxford, across Europe and into Asia, in search for what is lost – a city haunted by daemons, a secret at the heart of a desert, and the mystery of the elusive Dust.

قسمتی از کتاب:
The other side’s got an energy that our side en’t got. Comes from their certainty about being right. If you got that certainty, you’ll be willing to do anything to bring about the end you want. It’s the oldest human problem, Lyra, an’ it’s the difference between good and evil. Evil can be unscrupulous, and good can’t. Evil has nothing to stop it doing what it wants, while good has one hand tied behind its back. To do the things it needs to do to win, it’d have to become evil to do ’em.

درباره‌ی نویسنده:
فیلیپ پولمن، نویسنده‌ی انگلیسیه. اون کتاب‌های معروف و پرفروشی مثل His Dark Materials و کتاب «مسیح خوب و مسیح شریر» رو نوشته. تایمز، پولمن رو در لیست یکی از پنجاه نویسنده‌ی برتر بریتانیایی از سال ۱۹۴۵ تا به امروز، قرار داده.

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